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Perfect Looking Lintels Every Time, Zero Paint Required.

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Easy to install

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Maintenance free

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Solid color throughout

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8 colour options

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Made from PVC

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Doesn't trap water

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Premium Look, Superior Quality

Made from PVC, our covers are highly durable and will withstand difficult weather climates and fluctuations.

Angle armour installed on an angle iron

Prevents Any Paint Issues

Our angle iron covers offer a permanent and worry-free finish for both you and the homeowners.

A rusted steel lintel or rusted angle iron

Faster And Easier Than Painting

Forget the time and work needed to paint, Angle Armour angle iron covers are installed with the angle irons.

Angle Armour installed on an angle iron on a home

Easily Installed In Minutes

Step 1

Cut Angle Armour to desired length, and slide onto angle iron

Step 2

Once on angle iron, simply apply standard flashing as usual

8 colour options - Standard 10' lengths

With our 8 colour options you can match Angle Armour with any brick colour. Custom colours available upon request.

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What material is Angle Armour made from?

Angle Armour covers are made from PVC to ensure strength and durability.

Is Angle Armour a solid color throughout?

Yes, Angle Armour covers are exactly the same color throughout.

How is Angle Armour installed?

Simply cut Angle Armour covers to the desired length and slide them onto the angle irons.

Why is this better than painting them?

Using Angle Armour is more efficient and a permanent finish that won't need to be maintained by the homeowner.

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